Next Generation Customer Experience 2017

March 27 - 29, 2017

Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, CA

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Day THree: Brace Yourself, Even MORE Disruption is Coming: Meeting the Needs of Your Customer in 2025

Day Three Highlights!

-Case Studies from the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, Vistaprint, Etsy and Goodyear
-Top Challenges Wrap-up Roundtables Led by Elizabeth Robillard, Event Director
-Two concurrent post- event activities: a golf scramble and a San Diego wine tour

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8:20 AM Continental Breakfast In The Innovation Hub

9:20 AM Welcome Remarks

Elizabeth Robillard, Event Director, Worldwide Business Research

 Elizabeth Robillard
Elizabeth Robillard
Event Director
Worldwide Business Research
As an Event Director at Worldwide Business Research, Elizabeth oversees the organization of four business conferences per year. Conference organization includes conducting extensive phone research with 60+ industry experts per event, using call notes to compile a three day conference program that encapsulates top research takeaways, confirming a ro ...[Read More]

9:25 AM Creating a Service Excellence Culture

Valori Borland, Corporate Director, Ritz Carlton

Known for its remarkable culture of service, the Ritz Carlton is constantly looked at as an example of best experience practices. Join Valori Borland during this session as she imparts to the audience some tips and tricks to reaching service excellence. Valori will be discussing:

  • Differentiating your company from the competition by consistently offering service excellence
  • Developing a customer-centric culture within your organization to drive brand loyalty
  • Improving your employee engagement through service values and empowerment to reduce turnover
 Valori Borland
Valori Borland
Corporate Director
Ritz Carlton
Valori has nearly 30 years of experience with The Ritz-Carlton and is a subject matter expert on customer analytics, personalized service delivery and service-centric cultures. For over 10 years, Valori’s name has been synonymous with the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Valori partnered with all divisions of the organizat ...[Read More]

9:50 AM Lean, Agile, Flexible: How Your Legacy Brand Can Apply Startup Principles

Sean Barrett, Senior Manager, Technology, Vistaprint

It's not always easy for large and established companies to move quickly, despite the threats from newer and more agile startup brands. But, if legacy brands can't learn how to keep up with the times, they will be left behind. Join Chris Connors from Vistaprint as he walks the audience through the following points:

  • How are companies applying lean start up best practices to their product ideation?
  • Looking at the ways that legacy brands are by-passing one to two year product development cycles for shorter prototyping sprints
  • How companies can be using innovation labs to bring customer insight into these agile product development cycles
  • Potential drawbacks and challenges that present themselves when larger unwieldy companies try to operate this way
 Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett
Senior Manager, Technology
Sean Barrett is an Enterprise Agile Coach at Vistaprint in Waltham, MA. With twenty years of experience in technology, from startups to Financial giants, his Agile journey began in the Lean and Kanban space. While completing Emergn’s Expert Coaching Pathway, his awareness of and passion for the interconnected worlds of Agile, Lean, Organizational A ...[Read More]

10:15 AM Role of User Experience in Reimagining Employee Experience - Case Study in Employee Onboarding

T.S. Balaji, Executive Director - Digital Experience, Cox Communications

Brian Anderson, Principle Designer, Cox Communications

Creating a customer centric culture begins with finding the right employees to represent your brand. How you find this talent and onboard them to provide the best possible experience is key to their success and in turn, your company’s success. Join this session to learn more about how T.S. Balaji and the Cox team are cultivating a customer centric culture both leading up to a new employee’s first day as well as the moment they walk through the door. He will be discussing

-    How to engage the employee leading up to Day 1 ensuring they know what is required of them and building a relationship with their manager
-    Providing a positive experience their first day and week by fully anticipating their needs and questions
-    Creating a culture that helps the new employee establish relationships and find their place throughout their first year of employment

 T.S. Balaji
T.S. Balaji
Executive Director - Digital Experience
Cox Communications

 Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson
Principle Designer
Cox Communications
Brian Anderson is a Principal Designer with Cox Communications. He specializes in Design Thinking and is working on a culture change in Cox through employee-facing projects like improving new employee onboarding and dashboards for investigating and responding to breaks in the cable plant. He has been practicing the science and art of User Experie ...[Read More]

10:40 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Innovation Hub

11:10 AM Creating Raving Fans- Community Building Lessons Learned From Cult Brands

Steve Piehl, Principle, Authentic CX

There are those brands that just seem to attract raving fans, that immediately have advocates and seem a bit cult-ish. What can be learned from these companies who seem to have created their own culture and following?
  • How do cult brands differentiate from the other brands that sell the same product?
  • How do these brands use experiential marketing to promote a lifestyle
  • How do these brands seem to be exactly where their customer needs them to be?
  • How do they create such a sense of community? Is it surprise and delight or simply luck?
Steve Piehl
Authentic CX

11:35 AM The Skillset Needed For the Next Generation of Customer Experience Practitioners

Ann Marie Cilley, Director, New Ventures Experience Design, Goodyear

As the discipline of CX matures and the c-suite continues to realize the importance of measuring and acting on customer experience strategies, the skillset needed by cx practitioners needs to mature along with it. Hard skills along with soft skills will be needed. Join this session led by Ann Marie Cilley to hear more about what cx teams should be looking for when hiring for their strategic functions, skills like:

·· Working with internal business partners to execute CX strategies
·· Working quickly and agilely to get new strategies to market
·· Understanding your customer at the deepest level
·· Working hard to effect change within the company that will bring the customer into the center of everything you do.
 Ann Marie Cilley
Ann Marie Cilley
Director, New Ventures Experience Design
Ann Marie Cilley has been creating unique and delightful customer experiences for a variety of brands and products for 25 years. She has served beauty care and pet food customers while with Procter & Gamble and Mars Pet Food, and is now part of the Goodyear Company’s Global Innovation group, whose mission is to create a continuous flow of products ...[Read More]

12:00 PM NGCX TOP CHALLENGES WRAP UP ROUNDTABLES: What Will You Take Back to the Office With You

Elizabeth Robillard, Event Director, Worldwide Business Research

Using the top challenges submitted by your peers during our day one morning ice breaker, these free flow discussions will be your chance to take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to discuss. You will have a chance to participate in two separate 30 minute discussions and tackle two challenges you face in your role head on.
 Elizabeth Robillard
Elizabeth Robillard
Event Director
Worldwide Business Research
As an Event Director at Worldwide Business Research, Elizabeth oversees the organization of four business conferences per year. Conference organization includes conducting extensive phone research with 60+ industry experts per event, using call notes to compile a three day conference program that encapsulates top research takeaways, confirming a ro ...[Read More]

1:00 PM Lunch For All Attendees

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2:00 PM NextGen 2017 Golf Scramble*

Named by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine as one of the best resort golf courses in America, the Aviara Golf Club overlooks the Batiquitos Lagoon nature preserve in beautiful Carlsbad, California. *Limited to 20 spots, and pending group interest.

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NextGen 2017 San Diego Winery Tour*

On this fabulous 3.5 hr guided walking tour, visit two tantalizingly tasty tour stops in the beautiful village of La Jolla. You will be delighted as you taste fine wines and savor delicious, gourmet food. Your expert local guide will educate you in the fine art of wine tasting and food pairing. You will even be treated with scrumptious wine paired with chocolate! Enjoy a leisurely walk of about 1.5 miles near the ocean, while being entertained with the history and culture of quaint La Jolla by-the-sea. Join us as we partake in tasting at the very best restaurants and wine bars in La Jolla.

*Limited to 30 spots, and pending group interest.

6:30 PM End of NextGen 2017- See You Next Year!