Next Generation Customer Experience 2017

March 27 - 29, 2017

Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, CA

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  • Next Generation Customer Experience DirectorNext Generation Customer Experience Director's Report 2017

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    Top brands across all industries today now realize that the key to differentiating themselves from the competition is by providing their customers with a flawless experience. Given the array of touch-points available for the modern consumer to interact with a brand, companies are spending more dollars than ever on CX people, processes and systems. And customer experience departments (and their leaders) are in a greater position of power and the CMO, CEO and CFO are all recognizing that customer experience is a business priority and a key brand differentiator.


  • Addressing The Next Generation of CX Disruptors & Success FactorsAddressing The Next Generation of CX Disruptors & Success Factors
    While customer experience has become one of the most important differentiators for brands competing digitally, CX leaders can still face challenges getting the right resources and using the right metrics to make their case to key gatekeepers within their own organizations. This report, produced with InMoment, takes a close look at the disruptive factors in the market, as well as the strategies successful organizations are using.

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  • PIRCH Delivers Next-Gen CX by Emphasizing Culture Over TechPIRCH Delivers Next-Gen CX by Emphasizing Culture Over Tech

    Next Gen Customer Experiences aren’t always about the tech. In fact, the more ‘tech-y’ a brand gets, the more human it must become at the same time. Customers won’t accept anything less. Especially if they’ve been to PIRCH.

    PIRCH ( sells kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, and outdoor gear for your home. The signs outside their showroom locations list another specialty area: Joy. Seeing that should give you the instant sense that this is not your average retailer.


  • [Webinar] The Leadership Role of the Chief Customer Officer[Webinar] The Leadership Role of the Chief Customer Officer

    In this webinar, you will get an in-depth look at her key customer leadership competencies: accountability and alignment around experience.

    Learn how to:

    • Give leaders a framework for guiding the work of the organization
    • Unite accountability as customers experience your service
    • Break down silos when it comes to customer service
    • Align operations around customer experience delivery and innovation

    Main Speaker:

    Jeanne Bliss, Founder of Customer Bliss, and Author of Chief Customer Officer 2.0


  • Sample 2016 Solutions Spend Report
  • The NGCX 2015 Benchmark Report The NGCX 2015 Benchmark Report
    Customer experience is being cited as the last sustainable source of brand differentiation which many businesses are investing in. Simply put, today's consumers expect more, and they expect it across all the channels they use to engage. This year's benchmarking report contains data across the trends shaping the next generation of customer experience, including:

    - Identifying key KPI's
    - Increasing influence with business stakeholders
    - Implementing a holistic focus on experience into the business

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  • Customer Experience: The Only Sustainable Business DifferentiatorCustomer Experience: The Only Sustainable Business Differentiator
    Business leaders across industries now recognize that customer experience is a priority and a key differentiator. These organizations recognize the importance of proactively managing the customer experience across all touch points, including call centers, digital experiences, and in-store experiences.

    In this year's report, NGCX Executive Director Kristin Schoenstein outlines the latest innovations in CX strategy.

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  • NextGen Customer Experience Directors ReportNextGen Customer Experience Directors Report
    Businesses now realize that customer experience is not only a business priority, but also a key brand differentiator. With this in mind, customer experience executives have worked to influence the customer experience at every touch point.

    This report covers:
     - Marketing personalization
     - Delivering great experiences across channels
     - Embracing the pervasiveness of customer feedback

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  • Attendee ListAttendee List

    Every year, NGCX brings together more than 250 senior-level customer experience and marketing professionals from across the country. Past participants include but are not limited to; Zappos, Zipcar, Gap, John Deere, Google, Deloitte, Citrix, Nintendo, Oracle, PETCO, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Sony, and more.

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  • Consumer InsightConsumer Insight
    In this exclusive presentation, Margaret Kedziora, Director Customer Care & Quality for Philips Lighting and her colleague Eddy Wong, Six Sigma Black Belt and Customer Care & Quality professional discuss understanding customer expectations and consumer insights that can be gleaned from all interactions.

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  • Customer Journey MappingCustomer Journey Mapping
    In this exclusive presentation, Bill Hoffman, SVP, Cunsumer Insights at Best Buy discusses, customer journey mapping.

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