NGCX 2018

March 27-March 29, 2018

JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa

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Day One: Understanding Your Customer’s Journey To Improve Their Experiences

7:40 AM - 8:20 AM Continental Breakfast & Registration In The Solutions Zone

8:20 AM - 8:30 AM Welcome Remarks and Opening Ice Breaker

Elizabeth Robillard, Event Director, Worldwide Business Research

Elizabeth Robillard

Event Director
Worldwide Business Research

8:30 AM - 8:40 AM Chairpersons Opening Remarks

Kathleen Jezierski, President & Chief Operating Officer, COPC

Kathleen Jezierski

President & Chief Operating Officer

8:40 AM - 9:00 AM Keynote: Order Taker or Trusted Advisor? Transforming Your Organization into an Enabler of Valuable Customer Conversations

Jean-Philippe (JP) Mula, VP of Learning & Quality Services, Charter Communications
The game is changing for L&D Leaders. As more businesses shift
their strategies to improve their engagement with customers,
there is pressure on L&D to integrate and innovate toward
greater business impact.

As VP of Learning & Quality Services at Charter Communications,
JP Mula had this very challenge to overcome, as Charter merged
with Time Warner Cable and BrightHouse Networks to form a new
Fortune 100 company. The resulting new Customer Operations
division was comprised of people from different cultures and
different business processes, and JP’s remit was to integrate his
L&D function to better serve more agents and the business owners
at call centers, with more timely, relevant and engaging content.
How to accomplish this incredibly complex task?
Learn how JP…

  • Approached his stakeholders with a problem-solving stance,
  • rather than asking them what they needed;
  • Gained the credibility and rapport to position his function
  • as a business within a business
  • Utilized an “Intrapreneur” approach to help him to secure
  • funding for his “transformational startup” within Customer
  • Operations

Jean-Philippe (JP) Mula

VP of Learning & Quality Services
Charter Communications

9:00 AM - 9:20 AM Fireside Chat: Creating Emotionally Engaging Experiences Using The Power Of Storytelling

Jenny Tran, Creative Director, Global Brand Experience, PepsiCo
People don’t engage in experiences with your
brand without bringing their own lives with
them-their own context, histories, perceptions,
emotions and expectations. So what does that
mean now? What processes do you use to learn
these things about the people you’re creating
experiences for? What do businesses have to
consider when creating emotionally engaging
experiences? Join this fireside chat to hear:

• How can you map the emotional connections
that a customer has with your brand?
• What impact does story telling have on these
emotional connections?
• Does experiential story telling actually
resonate with customers?
• Can you measure a customers emotional
connection and use that metric to further
your cx agenda?
• How do you use storytelling and emotional
connections to improve customer

Jenny Tran

Creative Director, Global Brand Experience
Creating genuine emotional connections with
your clients and customers is not only key to
driving loyalty, but it’s also essential in creating
brand advocacy and passion. Transparency,
authenticity and an element of fun sounds
simple enough to achieve, yet countless
brands still struggle in this arena. This session
will articulate how customer experiences and
effective brand storytelling can become your
organizations key differentiator. Panelists will

• Coming to terms with the fact that
sometimes, the more fun you have the more
people want to engage with you
• How to bring that aspect of your brand to
your customer at scale
• How can marketing and CX work together to
make your brand connect emotionally with

Christine Kettmer

Senior Director, Customer Experience & Innovation
Marriott International

TJ Stein

Head of Customer Experience

Martin van der Merwe

VIP Marketing Services, Global Casino Operations
Carnival Corporation & PLC

Steve Piehl

Authentic CX

9:55 AM - 10:15 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

The changes you make to your customers
experience are only as good as the insights you
receive from them. And you only receive good
insights if you are truly listening to everything
their saying. This can often involve a whole team
of VoC masters who know what listening posts to
be pulling insights from and how valid the insights
are that they pull from those posts. Join this panel
REMIX to hear more about the following points.

After 35 minutes of hearing from the panelists,
audience members will be asked to discuss a
related follow up question in small groups.

• What should you be listening to, when
should you be listening to it and how are you
collecting what you hear?
• How do you decide what customer
complaints to respond to?
• What are other ways to capture customer
feedback outside of surveys?
• How are you leveraging existing resources
and sources of feedback before further
• Is it possible to streamline the constant influx
of feedback so that it can be digested and
acted upon?
• Can you easily communicate progress on
the most frequent pain points to your whole
customer base?

Adey Betre

Patient Experience Manager
The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Stacey Messier

Liberty Mutual

Sam Sherwin

Senior Manager, Voice of Customer Insights

Ann Marie Cilley

Director, New Ventures Experience Design

Cecelia James

Director, VoC

11:15 AM - 11:35 AM Case Study: Get it Right: Compete and Win on Customer Experience (CX)

Eric Feinberg, VP of Marketing, ForeSee
In this session, ForeSee will reveal the top 50
global retailers as measured on CX, NPS, and
brand reputation. Through analysis of our data—
gathered from 40,000 shoppers for our annual
ForeSee Experience Index—you’ll learn:

• What matters most to customers on every
• How the new customer journey is changing
retail strategies
• Who’s winning and losing with retail CX
• Why customers support—or abandon—stores
and brands
• You’ll come away with data-driven insights
for getting CX right—for customers and
the business—and be better prepared to
advocate for CX in your organization.

Eric Feinberg

VP of Marketing

11:35 AM - 11:55 AM Fireside Chat: Where is Our Data?! Integrating Disparate Systems to Achieve One Holistic View of Your Customer

Given the staggering amount of data being
collected from your customers, there should
be something you can do to take that data
and turn it into strategic prescriptive plans
that will streamline the customer experience
without the customer even knowing. Rather
than just constantly reacting to complaints from
your customers, this session will discuss how
you can be moving from lagging indicators to
leading indicators:

• How do you begin to understand where
customer data is located?
• Looking at the tools that would be able to pull
this data into one place for you
• Training front-line employees to find the
customer records that give an end-to-end
picture of where your customer interacts with
your brand

11:55 AM - 12:15 PM Case Study: Enabling CX Operations With Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Narjès Boufaden, CEO, Keatext
While data about customers is overflowing from
multiple channels, organizations are struggling
to get a complete, accurate and timely overview
of their CX. Recently, breakthroughs in AI made
it possible not only to turn customer data into
business intelligence with unprecedented
speed, but also to discover unexpected insights
based on textual customer feedback. Join Dr.
Narjès Boufaden, Machine Learning expert, in
exploring a case study on how AI helped a retail
brand to:
• Construct a unified view of their CX with data
from multiple channels;
• Leverage unstructured data in combination
with structured data to identify drivers behind
customer satisfaction and their impact;
• Measure results over time and prove the true
value of their CX program.

Dr. Narjès Boufaden


12:15 PM - 12:45 PM Case Study Remix: Gut, But, and So What? Gathering the Right Insights and Actually Doing Something With Them

Ann Marie Cilley, Director, New Ventures Experience Design, Goodyear
During this hands on session, Ann Marie Cilley
will be walking us through her ‘Gut, But and So
What? Test. Over 25 years of creating customer
centric products and services, she created this
test to make sure that customer insights were
being used properly within a company. She
has a gut instinct, but makes sure to test it on
consumers and put what she learns into action.
Learn how she acts on this test in her day to
day role and walk away having learned how to:
• Look at trends in your data to pinpoint where
customers tend to need you most
• Create strategies around how to reduce
customer effort in those areas
• Design new experiences with this data in
mind to further alleviate pain points
• Don’t fall into the old trap of customer
experience and try to anticipate what is
coming from the customer
• What tools or programs can you be using to
help pull data, analyze it and put strategies
into action?
After 20 minutes of hearing from the Ann Marie,
audience members will be asked to discuss a
related follow up question in small groups

Ann Marie Cilley

Director, New Ventures Experience Design
One of the most critical aspects to delivering
remarkable care comes through engaging
patients with their needs and preferences.
As a result, Novant Health has developed an
innovative strategy that emphasizes caring for
our patients by caring for our team members
as a part of a newly introduced People Credo.
Additionally, Novant Health has developed many
other initiatives that support an emphasis for
remarkable patient care, including an innovative
online patient experience, a system-level
human experience innovation council, and an
electronic patient family advisory council. Each
is dedicated to meeting patients where they are
and maximizing their engagement in their own
healthcare journey.
Firstly, presenters will outline a strategy for
developing a dedicated human experience
innovation council, which is a group that
focuses on enhancing the patient, family, and
team member experience from an operational

Secondly, attendees will learn how to initiate and
develop an electronic patient family advisory
council (ePFAC) to ensure the patient’s voice
as a consumer is heard. Of course, without
patients, the healthcare industry would not exist,
and this is one of the primary reasons it is so
critical to understand the role of the patient as a
consumer. The growing power of consumerism
is forcing healthcare organizations to not only
deliver quality healthcare but to deliver quality
healthcare in an innovative, affordable, and
convenient manner. As a result, Novant Health
has looked to develop a strategic approach
around its patient engagement strategies to
meet the consumer demand. By leveraging
technology to obtain patient feedback rather
than traditional in person advisory groups, we
aim to tap into more diverse patient populations,
including millennials, to further incorporate
the voice of the patient across our healthcare
continuum. As a result, Novant Health is able
to create a more personalized and authentic
relationship for its patients based on their needs
and preferences.

Novant Health has been actively engaging with
our patients to ensure we remained aligned with
their expectations. This is a critical approach
considering the future of health care will be
heavily focused on collaboration and will
continue to focus on the outcomes that matter
most to the patient. We want to challenge
others to think bigger and use technology to
empower human connections instead of allowing
technology to become the focus of patient

R. Henry Capps, Jr MD FAAFP

SVP and COO Physician Network
Novant Health

Andrea M. Areskog

Director, Business Operations and Patient Services
Novant Health

General Session

1:05 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch for all Attendees

Private Lunch

1:05 PM - 2:00 PM Private Lunch Hosted by IBM

*By Invite Only*

These workshops are meant for those who are either just starting out on their CX journey or want a refresher course in the basics

TRACK A: Nuts and Bolts Workshops

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM WORKSHOP: Creating a Customer Journey Map: Understanding the Basics

Stacey Messier, , Liberty Mutual
• Learn the importance of mapping your
customer’s end-to-end journey and begin to
understand the basics of what goes into a
workable journey map
• Understand the tools needed to make a journey
map along with who should be involved with the
• Identify the practical applications of journey
mapping, such as uncovering customer pain
points and gaining c-suite buy-in

Stacey Messier

Liberty Mutual

TRACK A: Nuts and Bolts Workshops

2:50 PM - 3:40 PM WORKSHOP: Enlightening Your Back Office Employees to the Value of CX

Barbie Fink, CCXP, Director, Customer & Employee Experience, Adobe Systems Jill Lengre, CCXP, Senior Manager, Customer and Employee Experience Strategy, Adobe
• How to establish training programs on key CX
principles that can be taken by any one at the
• Identify business leaders in various departments
to take these trainings first so they can act as
ambassadors for customer experience efforts
and lead the charge for the rest of the company
to get involved
• Provide actionable takeaways from these
trainings so that those who have gone through it
can make new strides for customer experience in
their departments right away

Barbie Fink

CCXP, Director, Customer & Employee Experience
Adobe Systems

Jill Lengre

CCXP, Senior Manager, Customer and Employee Experience Strategy

These workshops are meant for those who have established CX departments, goals and roadmaps and are looking to take the next step

TRACK B: Moving On Up Workshops

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM WORKSHOP: Design Thinking Next Steps: Using Design Thinking to Drive CX Strategy

Doug Roerden, User Experience Vice President, Fidelity Investments Josephine Holmboe, Creative Director, User Experience, Fidelity
Take your Design Thinking skills to the next level and
into the future. In this interactive workshop, you will
work from scenario- and persona-based challenges
to prepare for the ambiguous and uncertain world
of increased machine learning, augmentation,
automation, and other technologies...regardless of
your business or industry. You will develop rapid
ideation skills to unleash high-level innovation
quickly. Through experiential learning in your
impromptu team, you will build the skills needed to
swiftly generate ideas that fuel your imagination and
that of your team, for a whole that is even greater
than the sum of its parts

Doug Roerden

User Experience Vice President
Fidelity Investments

Josephine Holmboe

Creative Director, User Experience

TRACK B: Moving On Up Workshops

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM WORKSHOP: Driving, Democratizing And Scaling CX Innovation

Steve Meth, Chief Experience Officer, Prime Healthcare
• How can you foster innovation at your organization
and make it more accessible to all employees?
• How can you think like a lean start up and help to
create an environment that encourages people
to think outside the box, iterate quickly, and keep
pushing customer experience forward?
• How can you scale experience across a large
organization with many touchpoints or locations
and make sure that it stays flawless as it scales?

Steve Meth

Chief Experience Officer
Prime Healthcare

This invite only group discussion track is only for heads of CX and CMOs only. The topics covered are for those who are far along in CX maturity. Specifically designed for those CX pros that have seen it all and are looking to shake things up and operate outside the box.


2:00 PM - 2:50 PM SESSION ONE: CX Career Pathing: What’s Your Next Move?

Tabitha Dunn, Vice President, Customer Experience, Concur Technologies
• Given the relatively green nature of the CX
practice, what does the ideal career path for a CX
practitioner look like?
• Where can your unique skillsets take you?
• Are there other departments within the company
where those skills translate?
• Where do you go for mentorship and career
coaching if you don’t have an established CX

Tabitha Dunn

Vice President, Customer Experience
Concur Technologies


2:50 PM - 3:40 PM SESSION TWO: Hi, I’m The New Head of the CX Department… What Exactly is CX Again?

• Some of you have had new bosses or been
switched around to new departments more times
than you can count
• How do you ensure that your already operational
CX initiatives stay consistent and functional if
you move departments or have a change in
• How do you explain your current initiatives or
distill your program to a new leader?
• What are some ways you can set yourself up for
success with this before something like this event

3:40 PM - 4:15 PM Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

Be sure to join these interactive roundtable sessions and take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to discuss.
Opportunities to sit and learn from executives like these do not exist elsewhere. Take control of your own event experience.
Don’t be shy! Ask questions (or answer them!) of other conference attendees who are dealing with the same challenges as you.

1. CRM Success: What’s Possible When This Technology is Used Correctly
2. Omnichannel Support: Being Where Your Customer Needs You to Be When They Need It
3. Getting Started with Chatbots: Will they Work For You?
4. Promises, Promises: Picking the Right CX Vendor Based On What You Actually Need
5. Identify, Capture, Resolve: Developing An Effective Complaint Management Program
6. Next Gen Customer Service - Implementing AI for Customer Facing Interactions
7.Overcoming your CX Blind Spot with AI
8. Get it Right: Compete and Win on Customer Experience (CX)
VP of Marketing

Dave Carruthers

CEO and Founder

Dr. Narjès Boufaden


Eric Feinberg

VP of Marketing

5:25 PM - 6:25 PM Beat the Heat Reception in the Solutions Zone Sponsored by Cloud Cherry