NGCX 2018

March 27-March 29, 2018

JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa

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Day Two: Spread the Word: Operationalizing CX Across Your Business

7:30 AM - 8:15 AM Continental Breakfast & Registration In The Solutions Zone

Elizabeth Robillard

Event Director
Worldwide Business Research

8:20 AM - 8:30 AM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Chair to be named, IBM

8:30 AM - 8:50 AM CEO Fireside Chat: Let’s Get on the Same Page- How to Match CX Initiatives With Company Wide Goals

Ernie Garcia, CEO, Carvana
If the goals of your experience department
don’t match up with the goals of your business,
do you think you will be able to properly
advocate for c-suite acceptance of your
mission? While CX might be THE differentiator
between yourself and your competitors, if you
aren’t able to understand how your company
operates and what their key missions are, you’ll
have a tough time convincing them, or anyone
else within your business, that CX matters. Join
this session to hear more about:

• How do you ensure that your CX initiatives
match up with company priorities?
• While your CX team might find customer
centricity to be the ultimate goal, how do you
make your stakeholders AND shareholders
understand the importance of these goals
and how it will impact the business in the
• Are there certain priorities the company has
that are diametrically opposed to the goals
your CX team is trying to accomplish? How do
you confront that?
• If building out your CX strategy from scratch,
how can you create one that fits best within
the confines of your business strategy?

Ernie Garcia


8:50 AM - 9:10 AM Case Study: Expect Resistance! Successful Product Designers Need to Be Great Influencers

Jonathan Mann, Senior Director, User Experience Design, Target
Being a successful Product Designer is only
partially about excellence in the craft of design.
A successful Product Designer must influence
a wide variety of partners and stakeholders
including Product, Engineering, Executives,
Legal, Marketing, and others. At each point from
Discovery to Delivery, a designer will inevitably
encounter resistance. Without influence skills,
customers might not get to enjoy a designer’s
great ideas because they don’t see the light of

During this presentation, Jonathan Mann will
share some of the principles he teaches the
design teams he leads to handle resistance
and get beautifully designed products into the
hands of customers. You may not know it but
you’re already more influential than you may

Jonathan Mann

Senior Director, User Experience Design
While CX should be something that is every
department’s responsibility, if there is no
central body that oversees communications
between the different silo-ed departments that
work on cx (like an enterprise wide CX team, or
a CX council or advisory board), it will be hard
to achieve a holistic view of the customer and
streamline brand experience and your mission
might not be as effective. Join this session to
hear about how to be operationalizing this
concept within your institution. Panelists will

• How to demonstrate the connection between
cx and business outcomes
• Methods for encouraging true behavior
change vs. just paying lip service to the idea
of cx
• Deciding where CX should sit within your
organization (centralized or de-centralized)
and what level of control you should have
over design, marketing and customer service
• Foster continued support by showing a clear
connection between CX improvements and
business results

Phil Wright

World Wide Customer Experience Director

Michelle Musgrove

Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy & Governance

Bradly J. Sax

Corporate Director, GuestPath®
Delaware North

Graham Tutton

Vice President of Customer Experience

9:50 AM - 10:25 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

General Session

10:25 AM - 10:30 AM Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

General Session

10:50 AM - 11:10 AM Case Study: From the Trenches: How to Run a Successful, Pain-Free CX program That Actually Moves The Needle

Christine Rimer, Senior Director, Product Operations, SurveyMonkey

Christine Rimer

Senior Director, Product Operations
An effective CX strategy takes up a lot of
resources, such as technology spend and
talent. And sometimes those resources can
be scarce. How do you best allocate those
resources to projects in your pipeline? Join
this panel to hear how this group of top cx
strategists are mapping out their projects
based on customer need and organizational
resources. Panelists will discuss the following
points. After 35 minutes of hearing from the
panelists, audience members will be asked to
discuss a related follow up question in small
• How do you leverage your limited resources
to focus CX efforts to areas that drive value
• Understanding the resources you have
available to you, whether it be dollars, people
or time
• Quickly and thoroughly identifying top
customer pain points so that know where to
allocate your limited resources
• Coming up with a plan to address immediate
concerns in the present while keeping less
time sensitive projects on the backburner
• Acknowledging that some customer
segments might be more important to focus
on today
• Communicating priorities and recommending
actions to key stakeholders

Michael Gamble

Head of Life Product Strategy
New York Life

Thom San Filippo

VP of CX
Dow Jones

Wendy Haller

Red Rocks Credit Union

Elias Hadaya

Vice President of Customer Experience
World Vision

General Session

11:55 AM - 12:15 PM Case Study: Presented by Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform

General Session

11:55 AM - 12:15 PM Case Study: Engaging Your Frontline to Deliver Impactful Experiences

Rhonda Basler, Director, Customer Engagement, Hallmark
Since emotion impacts loyalty and loyalty impacts
buying decisions, it makes perfect sense to
help customer service representatives foster
experiences that end on a positive note—even
if that moment takes place after the call or
interaction. Hallmark empowers its frontline
staff with the ability to sympathize, celebrate and
connect with customers in an emotionally sincere,
authentically rewarding way. It goes beyond
customer service and creates an engaging
experience for both customer and employee.
Learn how Hallmark is enabling their frontline
customer service with tools focused on creating
a “Hallmark” customer experience. Rhonda will
discuss how to:

• Enable your employees in frontline with tools
to be focused on CX
• Identify leaders in CX across the organization
(call center, in-store, complaints department)
and reward them for their efforts
• Providing mentorship and coaching for
employees to continually ensure their
commitment to your CX efforts

Rhonda Basler

Director, Customer Engagement

General Session

12:15 PM - 12:55 PM GUEST SPEAKER: #YouMatter - Driving A New Productive Culture

Angela Maiers, Founder, Choose2Matter
As hopelessness reaches pandemic
proportions, every human on the planet
is being affected and the world needs
transformation. Choose2Matter has touched
millions of lives, reshaping how each human
being feels about their contribution and
unleashing their individual genius. Kids are
innovating in ways that impact communities,
educators are shifting from reactive to
proactive, employees are driving a new
corporate culture and delivering big wins to
their organizations. Join us to find out how
your organization can benefit from this simple,
yet powerful movement which empowers the
employees that provide your experiences,
and be ready to participate in a live interactive
workshop to unleash your genius!

Angela Maiers


Industry Breakout Roundtables

11:25 AM - 12:55 PM Industry Breakout Roundtables

Industry Breakout Roundtables

Industry breakout roundtables are your chance to meet with your industry peers to address challenges and share solutions and lessons learned. Breakouts will be available for Retail, Travel, Financial Services, B2B and Healthcare. These will take place in the Solutions Zones concurrently with the regularly scheduled program

Financial Services Roundtable

Travel & Hospitality Roundtable

Retail Roundtable

Hospital & Health Systems Roundtable

B2B Customer Journeys Roundtable

General Session

12:55 PM - 1:55 PM Luncheon For All Attendees

Private Lunch

12:55 PM - 1:55 PM Private Lunch Hosted by 24-7 InTouch

*By Invite Only*

This track will be for those attendees who aren’t operating within
the traditional B2C customer journey- whether you are a B2B CX
professional or a B2B2C executive, this track will discuss how to best
understand your unique customer’s journey

TRACK A: Navigating Non-B2C Customer Journeys

1:55 PM - 2:00 PM Chairperson’s Afternoon Address

TRACK A: Navigating Non-B2C Customer Journeys

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM Case Study: Building the B2B CX When You Don’t Own The Journey

Claire-Juliette Beale, Customer Experience Lead, Cisco
• How do you handle complexity and speed in a
heavily partner ecosystem driven environment?
• What methods can you use to identify and define
your customer and Persona?
• What can you do to enable teams and third
• When and how can you start measuring and

Claire-Juliette Beale

Customer Experience Lead

TRACK A: Navigating Non-B2C Customer Journeys

2:20 PM - 2:55 PM Panel: Best Practices for When CX Isn’t Within Your Control: Outsourcing, Franchisees or B2B2C

Sierra Schwidder, Senior Customer Experience Manager, NatureBox Mark Smith, Senior Design Lead– CX, Kohls
• How do you ensure best practices are being
exercised when a certain aspect of your customers
experience is out of your control?
• How diligently should you be watching these
• How can you bring your customer centric culture
to this outside experience provider?
• Have you created a handbook, done special
trainings, created incentives?

Sierra Schwidder

Senior Customer Experience Manager

Mark Smith

Senior Design Lead– CX

In this track we will be taking a look at how to better work across the silos
within your company to streamline your customers journey

TRACK B: Achieving Omnichannel Success

1:55 PM - 2:00 PM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

TRACK B: Achieving Omnichannel Success

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM Case Study: Setting & Leading a CX Advisory Group

Janis Avila, Customer & Employee Experience Leader, Former Managing Director, Residential Lending Client Experience, Union Bank
To help bridge organizational silos as you continue
your journey to customer centric growth, an engaged
and cross functional cx advisory group is essential
to driving analysis and actions on priorities to help
improve customer experience for the brand.
• Selecting participants (which functions, people are
best suited to make it impactful)
• Getting senior execs to support idea
• Setting up group mission and objectives
• Making the most of your meetings and a customer
experience agenda

Janis Avila

Customer & Employee Experience Leader
Former Managing Director, Residential Lending Client Experience, Union Bank
• Pinpoint the internal departments you need to
collaborate within in order to have an end to end
picture of your customer- from pre-sale to the
experience of the sale to post sale and support
• Instill the importance of customer experience
across the organization with trainings and CX
advocates and create common objectives and
organizational goals
• Make sure that your customer doesn’t see
whatever seems might exist between the
channels- can they start a form online and finish
it in-store? Can you see if they bought something
yesterday before you send them an impersonal
email today?

Jared Petersen

Senior Manager of Global Customer Service

Laurie Buczek

Director of Customer Engagement and Environment

Melissa Ferere

Research and Strategy Lead, Insights and Design

This invite only group discussion track is only for heads of CX
and CMOs only. The topics covered are for those who are far
along in CX maturity. Specifically designed for those CX pros
that have seen it all and are looking to shake things up and
operate outside the box.


1:55 PM - 2:20 PM Session Three: CX Isn’t Just A Buzzword: Maintaining Momentum After Completing the Basic Projects

Its one thing to do a few cx projects every
couple of months, like mapping the customer
journey or doing company wide cx training.
It’s quite another thing to put a long lasting cx
strategy in place that completes projects often
and has a continued focus on revisiting projects
that have already been done to see if they are
still effective. Keeping up your momentum is
the key to success when it comes to making cx
the center of your company, rather than just a
buzzword. Join this session to hear more about:
• Once you’ve put CX strategies into place, or
completed a CX project, how do you enforce
it’s continued effectiveness?
• How do you avoid becoming simply a
company cheerleader?
• Does this involve starting with c-suite
approval, or can a grassroots CX organization
keep momentum going?


2:20 PM - 2:55 PM SESSION FOUR: Free-Flow Think Tank

As a CXO or head of CX at your organization,
it is your responsibility to prioritize customer
experience and promote a customer centric value
proposition throughout your organization. This free
flow think tank discussion is your opportunity to
gain honest feedback, debate strategic ideas and
share high level insights in a closed door forum.
Bring up whatever we haven’t discussed yet and get
real answers from those facing similar challenges

2:55 PM - 3:25 PM Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

3:25 PM - 3:30 PM NGCX Excursions! Pre-Register for One of the Four Options Below

RSVP for one of the following offsite activities to allow you to take a break from the session room and network with your peers in a new environment. RSVP to either Elizabeth Robillard ( or Melissa Allen ( for one of the following offsite activities to allow you to take a break from the session room and network with your peers in a new environment. Spots in the first three will be limited, but the culinary challenge will be open to all. If you’d prefer one of the first three events, RSVP fast!

*Only the option marked with a star will be open to solution provider attendees. If sponsoring the event, you will be allotted (1) pass to attend one of the other four events.

During this time, attendees will check in for the NGCX Excursion that they have pre-signed up for!

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM Option One: Odysea Underwater *LIMITED SPACE for CX practitioners only*

With over 50 exhibits and 500
different species, there are
more than 30,000 animals
that call Odysea home. This
self-guided tour includes all
exhibits, galleries and movies

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM Option Two: Arizona Brewery Tour *LIMITED SPACE for CX practitioners only*

On this tour, you will taste
some of the best beer Arizona
has to offer. Even those who
aren’t craft beer aficionados
will enjoy this fun tour of the
Phoenix area

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM Option Three: Golf Outing at the JW Marriott *LIMITED SPACE for CX practitioners only*

Located in the heart of
the majestic Sonoran
Desert, our resort’s Wildfire
Golf Club features two
championship golf courses,
designed by golf idols Arnold
Palmer and Nick Faldo. Visit
us in Phoenix for challenging
play and a scenic setting.

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM Option Four: Culinary Challenge: Margaritas and Salsa *OPEN TO ALL*

If you’d prefer to stay
around the hotel and
network, join other
attendees for a fun cooking
and mixology challenge

6:00 PM - 6:05 PM End of Day Two!