NGCX 2019

March 25 - 27, 2019

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, CA

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Day Three: The Value of CX: Fostering Customer Loyalty and Creating Brand Advocates

8:15 am - 9:00 am Continental Breakfast


Elizabeth Robillard

Event Director
Worldwide Business Research

9:05 am - 9:20 am Chairperson's Opening Remarks

If you are interested in presenting during this time,
please contact Harvey Golub at 646-200-7527

9:20 am - 9:45 am Keynote: The Concept of Multi-Modal Design: Designing for Many Screens

Marti Gold - Director, User Experience and Design, Connected Vehicle, SiriusXM
Today’s consumers are operating across multiple screens
at all times of the day. But what about when they are in
their car? Has your brand thought about the ways that
drivers interact within their cars? Join this session with
Marti Gold of SiriusXM as she talks about the future of
designing for multiple screens and multiple travelers
within a car for the best and safest possible experience.


Marti Gold

Director, User Experience and Design, Connected Vehicle

9:45 am - 10:10 am Keynote: What Are You Measuring? A Look at the Metrics that Matter

Scott Ewalt - VP, Product and Customer Experience, Boingo Wireless
With tools available to measure customer satisfaction, effort, emotion and promoter score, it’s easy to become caught up and end up chasing the wrong metrics. From a KPI perspective, you might see that you are achieving high satisfaction scores based on your metric of choice, but the customer experience is not, in fact, improving
•What are you currently measuring?
•Do you find that these measurements are still as useful or does it just seem like looking at these numbers are going through the motions? 
•Are you using these numbers to do anything or create new strategy? 
•Have you heard of new measurements or are you creating any of your own?


Scott Ewalt

VP, Product and Customer Experience
Boingo Wireless

10:10 am - 10:35 am Keynote: How to Succeed When 90% of Digital Transformations Fail

Nicholas Allen - Head of Design and UX, GE Healthcare
When 90 percent of digital transformations fail, budgets get cut, and priorities continue to change, learn how falling in love with customers will fuel your team to become relentless customer champions in the midst of constant business challenges.  Inspire your team to become the change they wish to see, as Nick shares his journey to Haiti, where he helped bring world-class technology and education to a small town with no electricity or Internet. See how GE has ignited a grassroots army of customer warriors, delivering numerous award-winning solutions: all co-designed with their customers in several self-funded customer design centers.


Nicholas Allen

Head of Design and UX
GE Healthcare

10:35 am - 10:55 am Keynote Fireside Chat: Creating an Emotional Connection with Your Customer to Encourage Brand Advocacy

Katrina Schiedemeyer - Senior Manager, Global Quality and Continuous Improvement, Oshkosh Corporation
•Where does creating this emotional connection with your customers begin? 
oDoes this start with your employees? Your leadership? Can you train on this?
oHow does your fun/engaging voice also engage your internal teams to provide better experiences? 
•How does expressing your brand’s voice in a fun way encourage people to engage with you?
•How do your company values allow you to engage customers in a fun way? How does your company culture work to your advantage with attracting customers? 
oHow can you balance speed and efficiency while also surprising and delighting?
•How can you surprise and delight your customers at scale when it often seems like surprising and delighting has to be personal and a bit more one on one?
oHow can digital efforts help with this? 
•How do you monetize this effort of surprise and delight? 
oHow do you measure what effect this has on your business?
oHow do you incorporate this kind of engagement into your business model
•How can marketing and CX work together to make your brand connect emotionally with customers?


Katrina Schiedemeyer

Senior Manager, Global Quality and Continuous Improvement
Oshkosh Corporation

10:55 am - 11:30 am Morning Refreshment & Networking Break

11:30 am - 11:55 am Keynote: Co-Creating with Your Customer: Lessons Learned From Forza Football

Jozef Brodala - User and Community Relations, Forza Football


Jozef Brodala

User and Community Relations
Forza Football

Now more than ever, it’s important to align your brand story, mission and vision with the customer experience. This session will examine the role your brand plays in driving experiences and how to connect your company’s mission and vision to the experience as well. Join this session with Deborah Cornwell from USAA to hear more about:
•Understanding the service or product you provide and how customers react to it
•Coming to terms with your brand’s promise and make sure you are living up to the expectation
•Don’t overpromise and under deliver- no need to be something your customer doesn’t need
•Not all companies are trying to provide delight with their product or service (eg. property insurance), what should they be trying to provide?  


Greg Chase

Corporate VP, Guest Strategy & Insights
MGM Resorts International


Dean Evenson

Director Global Ecommerce and Integrated Marketing
Apothecary Products

12:35 pm - 1:00 pm Closing Keynote: Road-Mapping Short and Long Term Initiatives Based on Current and Future Resources

Aransas Savas - Senior Director, Strategy and Growth, Weight Watchers
An effective CX strategy takes up a lot of resources, such as technology investments and talent. And sometimes those resources can be scarce. How do you best allocate those resources to projects in your pipeline? Join this panel to hear how this group of top cx strategists is mapping out their projects based on customer need and organizational resources. Panelists will discuss the following:
•What are we in charge of as a CX team? 
oWhat projects are on our roadmap that we need to prioritize?
oWhat metrics are we accountable for?
oHow are we motivating our teams to make sure they understand the projects that have the most significance? 
•When we say resources for CX projects, what are we talking about? 
oWhat could potentially be at your disposal?
oHow would you use these resources?
•How can you make the business case for these resources, especially when CX projects might not necessarily have immediate ROI? 
oWhat are some lessons learned in this arena? Or success stories? 
•If you are having a hard time making the business case, what is the cultural transformation that you need to go through in order to make stakeholders across the business understand why you need these resources? 
oWhere does this change start?


Aransas Savas

Senior Director, Strategy and Growth
Weight Watchers

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch for all Attendees

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm End of NGCX 2019, see you next year!