With 15 Ways to Order a Pizza, Domino's Delivers on Its 3 Pillars of Customer Satisfaction - Convenience, Engagement, and Recognition

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It's easy to think of Domino's as simply a pizza restaurant chain that has been preparing pies on the block for nearly 60 years. But such a description doesn't even come close to doing the company justice. In fact, today, it would be more accurate to describe Domino's as a leading technology and ecommerce company - and with investments in GPS tracking technology, zero-click ordering, and the new Domino's Hotspots concept, it's one that puts innovative customer experiences right at the forefront.

Speaking at eCommerce Expo 2018 in September, Domino's CEO David Wild opened his keynote speech by addressing the fundamental question that always needs to be asked when working to improve the customer experience. "We always ask ourselves, 'What does the customer want?'" he said.

Wild went on to explain that his company operates under three pillars of customer satisfaction - convenience, engagement, and recognition. But what does this mean in practice at Domino's?

Well, when ordering a pizza, customers want it fast and they want it hot. This means that every second counts when it comes to ordering and delivery. But Domino's knows its customers are expecting their pies to be delivered even hotter and even faster as each year ticks by - and that means technology has a key role to play.

Delivering Convenience

The majority - north of 60% - of Domino's orders now come through online, and about half of those via mobile. For Domino's CDO Dennis Maloney, this incredible growth in the company's digital arm has meant that Domino's has had to start looking at itself in an entirely new light.


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"People are ordering pizza, we have to make it, they then track it, we deliver it, and when you look at that entire experience, technology plays a really big role," said Maloney. "For us to get really good at it, we needed to change the way we were thinking about ourselves. If you started thinking about yourselves like an ecommerce company, you start asking the question, what makes a really good ecommerce company?"

One way that Domino's has sought to provide an answer to this question is to simplify the pizza ordering process for customers down to single - or even zero - clicks. "We have a zero-click ordering app now," said Maloney. "If you're a loyal customer, you don't have to do basically anything to get a Domino's pizza, that's great!"

The zero-click ordering option enables users of the Domino's app to save a favorite pizza, which will then be automatically ordered after 10 seconds of opening the app. As Maloney put it in an article for Think With Google last year, "This kind of innovation can revamp people's perception of your brand, and more importantly, provide your most loyal customers with what they need - instantly."

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More recently, Domino's launched Domino's Hotspots in April this year. The initiative is designed to streamline the delivery process by establishing 150,000 designated Hotspots at parks, beaches, sports fields, and thousands of other locations across the US that don't have a traditional address. Hotspots are available for customers who order online and through Domino's mobile apps. Once a customer's location has been identified, Domino's Hotspots will appear on a map for customers to choose from. Before checking out, customers can leave additional instructions to help the driver find them.

"Now customers spending time at some of our new Domino's Hotspots locations, like Tommy Lasorda Field of Dreams in Los Angeles or even next to the James Brown statue in Augusta, Georgia, can have a pizza conveniently delivered to them, thanks to our innovative Domino's Delivery Hotspots," said President of Domino's USA Russel Weiner.

Delivering Engagement and Recognition

To promote better engagement, Domino's has invested in GPS Driver Tracker technology, which Wild says gives customers better control over their online ordering experience. "Engage with a customer," Wild advised attendees at eCommerce Expo, "make them feel in control of the customer-retailer relationship and transaction."

The technology provides customers with access to real-time tracking of the delivery driver's location, so they know exactly when their pizza will be delivered - be it to their home, office, or a Hotspot. Mobile customers even get a notification on their mobile screen when the driver is approaching their delivery address. "We are also very interested in GPS, which is helping stores, drivers and customers better track where their food is, which also makes for more productive drivers, saved time and greater efficiency," said Wild. "We are looking at our data to see what's working well so we can [improve even more]."

Domino's third pillar of customer satisfaction is recognition, and the retailer most certainly recognizes that today, customers want options when it comes to ordering a pizza. In the past, they had just two choices - walking into a store or picking up the telephone. But, in a mobile-driven world, those options have had to evolve along with technology and customer expectations.

Today, Domino's provides no less than 15 different ways to order pizza, ranging from voice command on home assistant devices like Google Home to sending an emoji over social media. With all the competition in the market, for Wild, this is the only way to operate if Domino's is to continue to drive exceptional customer experiences, which continues to be the main focus behind every innovation the company makes.

"In the last five to six years, we've seen a lot of disrupters enter the market, [including] Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats," said Wild. "But we've done fine, because we live and operate like a disruptor, too. These new entrants are just fueling the same trends that help us. Customers don't care about channels; they want to get a pizza as quickly and conveniently as we can make and deliver it for them."

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