Here's How NatureBox is Taking a Bite out of its Fix Response Time to Improve the Experience for its Hungry Customers

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Deciding hungry snackers deserved better options than the unhealthy and additive stuffed offerings presently available, Gautam Gupta and Kenneth Chen decided to start an ecommerce subscription-based snack service. NatureBox was founded in 2012, and allows customers to personalize their snacks based on their own tastes and dietary preferences - gluten free, vegan etc.

Since opening its virtual doors, NatureBox has shown a month-on-month customer-base increase of 50-100% . The company serves all 50 states, has over 500,000 fans on Facebook, and receives over 450,000 visits to its website every month. NatureBox has also partnered with WhyHunger , which works with community organizations, emergency food providers and summer meal programs for low-income children across America.

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However, NatureBox's success has led to a huge increase in the number of people wanting to get in touch with the brand, leading to new challenges for its customer service team.

For the first two years of business, NatureBox was running its customer support through two separate platforms - and 8x8 . These two platforms enabled NatureBox to assist their customers with queries and issues via email and phone respectively, but as business increased and the subscription service took off, the number of contacts which needed to be handled was starting to get unwieldy.

A Satisfying Solution

The situation came to a head when NatureBox realized it needed to handle over 19,000 tickets each month. Clearly, a more elegant, innovative, and efficient method of handling customer contacts was urgently needed.

A new partnership with customer service platform Zendesk gave NatureBox the ability to streamline their support department by handling phone and email contacts within a single application. Soon after Zendesk was installed, NatureBox also added the ability for customers to self-serve, and to get in touch via a live chat option. The final piece of the customer service puzzle came from integrating the Zendesk software with which enabled customers to contact NatureBox via SMS.

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Once all these options were in place, NatureBox was able to begin A/B testing to see which options were preferred by customers, and which had the biggest impact on its fix response times (FRT).

Crunching the Numbers

Live chat and SMS were immediately identified and put forwards as the primary contact methods. By testing during peak times, a call drop-off of around 60% was recorded when live chat was active compared to when it was turned off. Customers prefer these methods as they enable busy people to get on with other tasks while waiting for a response.

With far fewer phone calls being received, NatureBox offered a new service where customers ringing in could leave a voicemail and would be called back when an agent became available - further reducing wait times and customer satisfaction.

The new systems in place not only opened more ways for customers to get in touch, but extended to new integrated guided help systems. The digitally embedded knowledge base application enables customer service representatives to quickly find information pertinent to the customer's query, and therefore make the support process even more efficient.

That Full-Up Feeling

Using data gathered by real-time customer feedback system Stella Connect , NatureBox has seen customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores increase to an average of 4.76 out of a possible five stars since the new customer service applications were first trialed. In realizing the importance of being able to deal with customer queries and issues in a stress-free and efficient manner, NatureBox improves the customer experience significantly.

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