NGCX 2022


My NGCX Story by Brenda Williams:

‘This conference is not supported by a single vendor allowing for a wide variety of information to be shared in an unbiased format.’

Brenda Williams
Customer Experience Manager
Pet Paradise Resorts

Brenda's NGCX Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2019

How He’s Participated: Attendee

Conference Highlights: The opportunity to learn about CX strategies from peers in the industry and to learn about their successes

CX is a fairly new initiative for us…

We’re focusing not only on customer experience but also employee experience this year and both initiatives are fairly new to our company. We were interested in learning how other organizations support the CX team structure. Additionally, we were interested in learning which tools other companies found useful. A quick read through of the agenda topics matched what I was looking for in a conference

I would definitely recommend going with a colleague.

Because our CX team is fairly new and small, I was the only one who attended this year. But I would be interested in bringing someone from our Digital Marketing team and/or our HR team (because we are focused on employee experience as well!)

The highlight of the event for me was…

The speakers from GE Medical and FedEx were two of my favorites. I also found the gentleman from the Atlanta Hawks incredibly interesting in how they are supporting new hire staff. Like I said, employee experience is a new and important initiative for us and it was incredibly useful to hear from about other strategies to maintain a balance between employee and customer experience.

A takeaway from the event that we have recently implemented in the company is...

Something I took to heart from the Fedex presentation – a customer experience steering committee. We now have a steering committee comprised of people from different departments within the company. Each person is responsible for making sure the department strategies align with the CX goals of the company.

I look forward to coming back with my team in 2020 for more actionable strategies!