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Data, CX strategies, Best Practices – Jenna Dorman, VP Business Development Tech and Telecom at Vision Critical

Welcome to your next monthly briefing where we catch up with one of the experts leading up to next months 2017 Next Generation Customer Experience (NGCX) conference in Carlsbad, CA. This time we caught up with Jenna Dorman, VP Business Development, Tech and Telecom at Vision Critical and talk to her about the customer experience landscape.

WBR: What are the needs of today’s customers?

JD: We’re noticing several trends in what customers are looking for from brands, and in the end they all seem to tie back to trust. According to the 2017 Trust Barometer, an annual study conducted by Edelman, only 52 percent of respondents indicated they had faith in businesses, and only 37 percent in CEOs. Forrester has also identified trust as a key issue for businesses in 2017.

Beyond trust, an interesting study came out recently from the digital agency Wunderman, introducing the concept of “wantedness.” Customers want to know that not only are we providing them with a high-quality product or service, but that we really want them as a customer, that we understand what they want and need, and also that the values of the company align with their values.

WBR: How should companies approach their customer experience strategy in the current economy?

JD: Earlier this month, satellite TV company DISH released a new "Tuned In To You" campaign that makes a promise to listen to customers "in an industry that doesn’t." "Customers just want to be heard in an industry that has forsaken its ability to listen," said Erik Carlson, Dish president and chief operating officer, in a statement.

As organizations increasingly compete on the customer experience, the ability to capture authentic, actionable customer feedback is a big competitive advantage.

WBR: How does Vision Critical fit into the CX picture?

JD: The most commonly used metrics used to measure the customer experience continue to be likelihood-to-recommend and satisfaction. While it is important to benchmark the customer experience, these measures are lagging indicators, and offer little insight into the actions an organization should take to deliver what their customers want.

Companies across a range of industries use Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform to augment their CX measurement programs and create always-on customer feedback programs that provide prescriptive, actionable insights that help an organize the needle on satisfaction KPI’s and make customer led business decisions.

WBR: What has been the most memorable CX project that you have been a part of?

JD: Alliant Energy tapped into its Power Thinkers insight community to collect ongoing feedback from customers throughout a transition to a new information system and a redesigned bill. The feedback the company has received from its customers has helped the utility increase customer satisfaction scores by 15 index points and its Net Promoter Score by 88 percent over two years.

Should you have a particular question or scenario you would like to put forward to Jenna then don’t hesitate to stop by the Vision Critical stand. Both Jenna and her team will be one of the many experts onsite who will be there to support and explore trends in CX.

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