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NGCX Innovation Briefing - January 2020

It is 2020 and customers have no tolerance for poor experiences. Their expectations are at an all-time high, and companies everywhere are actively looking for innovative ways to meet these demands. In our brand new report, we explore how leading brands such as Netflix, Nike, Delta and more are expanding their CX strategies to connect with today’s customer.

NGCX 2020 Innovation Briefing

As a senior level executive responsible for customer experience, it is more critical than ever to create experiences that WOW your consumers. Fortune 1000 companies are frantically looking for ways to increase engagement and attract new audiences.In our first report of 2020, we look at how different industries including: retail, finance, healthcare, travel and B2B are prioritizing customer experience and preparing for another year of fierce competition and ever-growing customer expectation.

NGCX 2019 Innovation Briefing

In our reports and conferences, we pride ourselves on bringing our audience behind the scenes at the most successful customer experience initiatives. As a senior level executive responsiblefor customer experience, it is more critical than ever to stay abreast on how new technologies and strategies are deployed to gain advantages in customer experience and loyalty. In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several large brands are prioritizing customer experience and reaping the benefits.

2019 Director’s Report

Practically every industry is being disrupted by quicker, nimbler, and more innovative companies reinventing the customer experience. Be it Amazon in retail, Airbnb in travel, Uber in auto, Fresh Direct in grocery, TransferWise in finance, or Netflix in media – there’s barely an industry in existence that hasn’t been permanently altered by these innovators. Together, in one form or another, they have revolutionized both the experiences and expectations of customers, leaving established players in a race to keep up. Have a read through this Director's Report for an exclusive "Moment in Time" for customer experience compiled by industry research surrounding some relevant benchmarking study questions. 

Millennials as Customers: The 2018 NGCX Benchmark Report

The Millennial generation, defined as those born between the early ‘80s to the early 2000s, are a demographic with a deep connection to technology. Coming of age along with the development of the internet means that for many Millennials, keeping pace with the newest devices and trends is second nature. As the tools they use to reach out to each other have evolved, so have their expectations for service and the desire for more personal brand interactions. This makes it critical for businesses to learn to meet them on the channels that they favor and to develop a voice that feels authentic and accessible, or risk being passed over. To better understand how brands are tailoring their customer experiences to remain competitive as Millennials continue to come of age as consumers, NGCX surveyed 100 leading Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) executives on the effectiveness of their strategies, their levels of preparedness, and the technologies that they feel will have the greatest role to play in the near future. 

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