NGCX 2020

March 23 - 25, 2020

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, CA

Janis Avila Success Story

My Next Generation Customer Experience Success Story


Janis Avila's Story At a Glance

Managing Director, Head of Client Experience, Residential Lending Union Bank

First Year Attended: 2015

How She’s Participated: Attendee 2015

“I have a passion for Customer Experience…at Next Gen I realize that I am not the only one.”

I’ve worn many hats and worked in a bunch of different industries. I initially joined the HR Department at Union Bank and was working on Leadership Development. But when the need arose to focus on Client Experience, I naturally gravitated toward the position because I’ve always had a passion for it. Since this was a fairly new undertaking for Union Bank, I was looking at avenues to learn what other CX managers were doing. I grabbed at the opportunity to attend Next Gen – and I’m so glad I did! I was surrounded by peers who were just as passionate about CX as I was and the learning opportunities were tremendous. Attendees were not shy about sharing their challenges with creating and executing CX strategies – I came away with 28 pages of notes!

Did I mention I came away with 28 pages of notes?!”

My main goal in attending the Next Gen conference was to gain as much knowledge as I could from CX experts across industries. And I was far from disappointed! I learned a lot not only from the presentations but also from conversations I had with fellow attendees. Case in point – I was sitting next to Harley Manning (Vice President of Customer Experience, Forrester Research) at lunch and we started talking about the different CX strategies presented at the event. I still maintain contact with him over LinkedIn and have used some of the data he presented at the conference in presentations I’ve done internally at Union Bank.

“This is one conference that I think my senior executives would greatly benefit from attending!”

I was the only one attending from my team at both events but I definitely do see the benefit of bring colleagues, especially my senior executives. It would benefit them to get a first hand account of the way companies are handling CX challenges and creating platforms to provide an amazing client experience.

“I’ve attended two Next Gen events in a span of six months in 2015…and I’ll be going back in 2016 to listen to the amazing speakers and take advantage of all the networking opportunities.”

2015 was my first year attending Next Gen where I metJeanne Bliss and engaged her to help us launch a structure around buildingcompetencies in customer experience in our organization. In addition toattending the Next Gen cross industry event in San Diego in March I attendedthe one focused on Financial Services in Charlotte in late September. It was great to have anopportunity to host a round table on employee engagement as it relates tocustomer engagement. At both times I was motivated by a need tolearn about CX strategies from peers but CXFS presented an opportunity to learnabout tackling the unique challenges faced by the financial industry inbuilding a customer experience platform and developing metrics.

Next Generation Customer Experience: Customer Delight by Design

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