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August 17 - 19, 2020

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CX Research Briefs

C-Suite Meets CX: How Experience Strategy Reaches the Top Levels of B2C Organizations

While most organizations identify customer experience (CX) as a top priority, some have not developed methods to successfully organize around the concept. Now, they are assigning CX execution with the right departments and internal teams, but not without prioritizing CX strategy oversight at the highest levels of the organization.

CX Blog Posts

Delta Airlines' Delightful Customer Experience Strategy

From welcome cocktail to bistro-style dining, Delta's new service offers top-notch premium flight experience for economy fliers.

Cleveland Clinic on Empathetic Communication in Patient Care

Healthcare brand Cleveland Clinic is working to transform patient experience through empathic communication to ease the frustrations of patients.

Nike's Powerful Data-Driven Customer Experience Strategy

Data analytics and technology enables Nike to tailor personalized digital and in-store experience for their valued customers.

Wendy's Digital Strategy For Superb Customer Experience

Wendy's leverages digital technology to offer superior speed and convenience to operations in response to its burgeoning digital sales.

Customer Experience Strategy In Banking

Customer experience will be a key differentiator in the financial industry going forward, especially with the upturn in communication expected post Brexit.

How Patient Experience In Healthcare Could Be Better

Healthcare providers can offer exceptional patient experience by approaching experience the way retails do to make the process of visits simple and unobtrusive.

3 Ways Technology Has Transformed Travel Experience

Learn how robots, VR/AR, and smart room technology can be employed to bring futuristic, exemplary experience to travelers.

B2B Customer Experience Strategy: The New Competitive Element

Stay ahead of B2B competitions by providing customers with personalized support and encouraging repeat business through data-driven strategies used by B2C.

Customer Experience Strategy Trends In Brick & Mortar Retail

Smart shelving, Bluetooth beacons, and augmented reality technology has transformed retail shopping experience for next-generation customers and clientele.

How Netflix’s Personalization Impacts Customer Expectations

Personalization is Netflix’s secret sauce for earning a high rate of customer loyalty and long-term success.

American Express Puts the Work/Life Balance of Customers Front and Center

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is an important part of general well-being, and people today are living ever more blurred lives. American Express wanted a way to show that it understands these two aspects of their customers' life experiences with its new campaign.

How Airbnb and Pixar Use Storytelling to Bring Great Experiences to Travelers

The ability to weave a story to connect and engage with your customers can strengthen relationships which can then last a lifetime. Pushing the power of storytelling to new heights, Airbnb is teaming up with veteran animation studio Pixar to create amazing customer experiences.

Ask Mercedes: Introducing Dealership AR and VR Apps in Germany

Mercedes-Benz wants its customers to feel excited about every aspect of owning one of its cars - even the boring parts. The result is Ask Mercedes - a new augmented reality (AR) application that allows customers to explore all the features of their new Mercedes-Benz in an intuitive and interactive way.

Overstock Is Turning to Machine Learning to Personalize Shoppers' Journey

Though personalization has been an important facet of for many years, what started as a journey to offer individual shoppers more accurate product recommendations has now turned into a mission to tailor all content - from page layouts to emails - to each visitor's individual interests.

How Domino's is Driving Customer Satisfaction with 15 Ways to Order a Pizza

When ordering a pizza, customers want it fast and they want it hot. This means that every second counts when it comes to ordering and delivery. But Domino's knows its customers are expecting their pies to be delivered even hotter and even faster as each year ticks by - and that means technology has a key role to play.

Millennials as Customers: The 2018 NGCX Benchmark Report

NGCX surveyed 100 leading CX & UX executives on the effectiveness of their strategies, their levels of preparedness, and the technologies that they feel will have the greatest role to play in the near future. Discover how brands are tailoring their customer experiences to remain competitive with Millennials.

How NatureBox is Taking a Bite out of its Fix Response Time to Improve the Experience for its Hungry Customers

NatureBox's success has led to a huge increase in the number of people wanting to get in touch with the brand, leading to new challenges for its customer service team.

How Lowe's is Using IoT and VR Technology to Make Next Gen CX an Actual Reality

Lowe's Innovation Labs is at it again with SmartSpot showrooms & Holoroom How-To, the latest innovations for their customer experience pledge.

The Secret to MeUndies Customer Experience Strategy

MeUndies has managed to take something very ordinary - shopping for underwear - and transform it into an extraordinary customer experience.

Marriott's Customer Experience "Beta"

Marriott has a customer experience innovation in "beta" and it's all about testing and measuring results in real time.

How Carnival Corporation & PLC is Delivering a Medal Winning Customer Experience

Carnival has incorporated an IoT device to ensure the best cx experience.

Here's How Target is Hitting the Bullseye with its Next Gen Store Design

Target is pouring just as much passion and innovation into its brick and mortar locations to help craft next generation customer experiences in-store.

CX Best Practices & Current Trends With Annette Franz, VP of Client Experience at Compellon

we caught up with Annette Franz to discuss current trends in customer experience and how these trends are affecting businesses today.

CX Landscape & Trends With Jenna Dorman, VP Business Development at Vision Critical

We caught up with Jenna Dorman to discuss the current customer experience landscape.