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Bradly J. Sax, Corporate Director, GuestPath® at Delaware North

Bradly J. Sax

Corporate Director, GuestPath®
Delaware North

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Day Two: Converting to a Customer First Culture & Working Across Silos

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

11:45 AM Tonight Show Panel: The Strategy Behind a Successful, Customer Centric Organization

- What does your CX leadership team look like?

o How were they chosen? What/who are they in charge of? 

- What decision making power does your CX team have over the rest of the business? 

o What stakeholders or key business partners are also involved in CX decisions?

- Do you have a steering committee of leaders across the different customer facing functions? If not, how do those stakeholders tie in together? 

- What influence do you have on instilling the mission and relevance of CX over all departments (from frontline to marketing to HR to operations to IT, etc)?

o Do you have programs in place to keep CX momentum strong across the org?

- How do you decide on the actions your CX leadership should take/projects they should work on? 

o How do you prioritize the pain points that should be fixed or the new products/services to design? 

- What goals or metrics are in place for your CX organization? 

o How were those decided? 

o How often are those being revisited? 

- What amount of organizational change management have you needed in order to put this framework into place?