NGCX 2019

March 25 - 27, 2019

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, CA

Garred Sheppard

Customer Insights And Analytics Manager
1-800 Contacts

10:00 AM PANEL REMIX Part One: Creating a Grassroots Voice of the Customer Program

The changes you make to your customers experience are only as good as the insights you receive from them. And you only receive good insights if you are truly listening to everything their saying. This can often involve a whole team of VoC masters who know what listening posts to be pulling insights from and how valid the insights are that they pull from those posts. 

  • Who are your customers and who is listening to them? 
  • What should you be listening to, when should you be listening to it and how are you collecting what you hear? 
  • What are best practices for bringing together the people that collect these things
  • What are other ways to capture customer feedback outside of surveys? 
  • Can you reach out to customers proactively for these insights before they come to you?
  • How do you store this feedback? 
  • How are you leveraging existing resources and sources of feedback before further investment?
  • How do you decide what customer complaints to respond to? 
  • Can you easily communicate progress on the most frequent pain points to your whole customer base?
  • How do you stay up to date with what your customers want?
  • When you think about great insights, what do you think of?  

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