NGCX 2022


Matthew Larson, Senior Director, Client Experience at Optum

Matthew Larson

Senior Director, Client Experience

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Day One: Using Customer Insights to Streamline Experiences

Monday, August 17th, 2020

12:00 PM Panel REMIX: Re-Evaluating Your Metrics? Is NPS Still an Effective Measurement for CX?

With tools available to measure customer satisfaction, effort, emotion and promoter score, it’s easy to become caught up and end up chasing the wrong metrics. From a KPI perspective, you might see that you are achieving high satisfaction scores based on your metric of choice, but the customer experience is not, in fact, improving

• What are you currently measuring?

• Do you find that these measurements are still as useful or does it just seem like looking at these numbers are going through the motions? 

• Are you using these numbers to do anything or create new strategy? 

• Have you heard of new measurements or are you creating any of your own?  

• Have you tied any of these measurements to an ROI?