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Nicky Zaayman, Director of CX and EX Communications and Advocacy at CenturyLink

Nicky Zaayman

Director of CX and EX Communications and Advocacy

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Day Three: Using What You Know About Your Customer to Foster Loyalty

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

9:15 AM Keynote: Marketing and CX: Best Practices for Working Together

Often, the initiatives that build ‘brand equity’ and engage your customers are things that are a direct correlated to the initiatives of your CX team- for example, when customers share positive experiences they’ve had with your brand or start to engage with a customer community or loyalty program that you’ve built or read and respond to a funny tweet from your brand. But usually, customer loyalty and engagement are thought of as marketing responsibilities. If your CX team isn’t a function of your marketing team (under marketing leadership), how can you ensure that these two customer facing teams are working best together to build and sustain brand equity without stepping on each other’s toes?

•What can marketing learn from CX and vice versa? 
•What is the terminology each uses in regards to the customer? 
•Understanding the difference between customer life cycle and customer journey
•If marketing does own CX, how do you ensure that your CX team has it’s own validity outside of the customer life cycle and over the entire customer journey