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Ron Deimling, VP of Customer & Employee Experience at Soapy Joe's

Ron Deimling

VP of Customer & Employee Experience
Soapy Joe's

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Day One: Using Customer Insights to Streamline Experiences

Monday, August 17th, 2020

9:55 AM Tonight Show Panel: Closing The Feedback Loop: Acknowledging Your Customer’s Experiences

While the long term goal of CX is streamlining points of friction, shouldn't you be responding to current complaints and issues that customers have now? The role of your department is to listen and gather feedback, but more often that not, that feedback never gets responded to and your customer might not know that changes are being made based on their feedback. How do you close the feedback loop and make customers aware that their feedback is being listened to. Join us to hear from our panel on their approach to the following points:
• Critical insights from your customers aren’t just a way for you to improve future experiences 
• If a customer has a bad experience and provides feedback, reaching out to them to resolve their issue or try to diffuse a bad situation can turn a detractor into a advocate
• Is your company set up to reach back out to customers that have provided feedback to either fix a problem or let them know their feedback helped improve future experiences? 
• What technology or strategies can help you get to this point?