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Tyler England, VP Customer and Brand Strategy at

Tyler England

VP Customer and Brand Strategy

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Day Two: Converting to a Customer First Culture & Working Across Silos

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

8:50 AM Keynote: Brand Experience- Reframing CX for Overall Growth

The subject of ‘Brand Experience’ is intended to broaden our thinking (and execution) of CX end-to-end, inclusive of the implications to acquisition. A siloed approach risks celebrating CX wins among a shrinking customer base and/or making decisions for acquisition at the expense of setting up CX to not meet expectations. Lessons and data learned from both successes and failures that I’ve lived across P&G, HP and Overstock.  

• Acknowledging the journey your customer takes from one channel to another in the conversion process
• Connecting the dots of customer data collected across those channels to personalize the experience provided on each, while maintaining a consistent brand message
• Helping your customer to convert (regardless of your conversion moment) no matter the channel- or making it easier for them to interact with you across channels